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Getting a ticket for any traffic offense can appear inconsequential to some people especially teen drivers, but the truth is that the ripple effects of this seemingly routine occurrence can be far reaching. For instance, the frequency of the ticketing you get will not only reflect poorly on your driving record, but it will also negatively affect your auto insurance rate. READ MORE >>

Source: vules Did you know that Halloween comes from the word ‘hallowed evening’ or ‘holy evening’. This yearly celebration can be traced back to the 10th century, where the ancient Celtics gathered once a year, at night, to mark the end of the harvest period and beginning of winter. READ MORE >>

Source: thinglink Despite recent bans and continuous warnings from the region, (not to mention safer cars and highways), accidents are still rising, which are mainly caused by texting and driving. Accordingly, this became one of the primary reasons for the price hike for the auto insurance r... READ MORE >>

Del City adjoins Oklahoma City. This makes the city part of the largest metropolitan area in the state of Oklahoma. It sits close to the intersection of two major thoroughfares, Interstate 35 and Interstate 40. Driving risks in this area are very unique. Let's take a closer look. Del City Traffic Statistics READ MORE >>

How to tackle the process of making an auto insurance claim after an accident is an experience many car owners would rather avoid altogether. Apart from the anxiety, trauma or injury individuals have to deal with the aftermath of an accident, the heartache, headaches and the red tape involved in making a claim could drive you mad. READ MORE >>

Ask anyone about the ease of filing auto insurance claim and the response you are likely to get is a funny look and a gesture of exasperation. But is the process of making a claim really a game riddled with uncertainty and anxieties as people make it out to be? Does it really involve complicated procedures full of inconsistencies? READ MORE >>

A Few Easy Steps to Getting Lower Car Insurance in Austin, Texas Everyone has to have it it, but most people overpay for it. What is it? Car Insurance! Most people don't know there are ways to save big bucks on their car insurance. There are many ideas for lowering car insurance in Austin: READ MORE >>

Fall is not only a crispy, mellow and colorful season, but is also the right time to get down to a few exciting, silly, fun-inspired and creative activities you cannot enjoy at any other time of the year. Do not let fall get by your kids and you in a dull mode. READ MORE >>

What is tailgating, you might wonder! It is driving too close to the vehicle ahead of you. Or it is to be unmindful of the safety distance between your vehicle and the one in front. How frequently have you driven like that? And have you been intimidated by someone driving too close to you with horns blaring and headlamps flashing? READ MORE >>

Source: The Frontier As one of the largest cities in Oklahoma, Tulsa is filled with annual celebrations that include the ever entertaining Tulsa State Fair. This fun and fascinating yearly event is very much anticipated by the locals and the tourists. READ MORE >>

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