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There were more than 527,000 registered vehicles in Tulsa County in 2015-2016. Whether you are hitting the road on Interstate 44, U.S. 75 or any other thoroughfare, there's always the chance you'll be involved in a driving incident. Any incident you're involved in on the road could require an auto insurance claim. READ MORE >>

Pets become an extension of our lives for most of us. We even tag them along during those rare private times we have for ourselves. Heck, it still breaks your heart every time you leave them for work. If you want to make up from those days and create fun memories with your adorable pets, this list is for you. READ MORE >>

Pinterest As one of the largest and most booming cities in Oklahoma, Tulsa’s economy has been significantly dependent with the local housing market, along with the oil and gas industry in the area. Real estate plays a role in the market expansion and beyond, by which the city forecasts continue to be positive for the past decade. READ MORE >>

The brain is apparently one of the most powerful yet crucial parts of the body. One blow to the head may cause a dire impact to your life in a span of time or even longer. Hence, you need to be careful at all times to avoid brain injury like concussion. A concussion is a mild but traumatic type of brain injury after a fall or accident. READ MORE >>

Happy Friendship Day! In case you’re not familiar with all those national day celebrations, we celebrate Friendship Day on every first Sunday of August which happens to be on the 6th of this month. Let this Friendship Day be a tribute to that friend who tirelessly listens to your endless rhetoric when you get on a tangent. READ MORE >>

You know they’re not bluffing when they say “You can kid the world, but not your sister”. Whether you and your sister are the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen or the Hillary and Haylie Duff, this Sunday, the 6th of August, is THE DAY to celebrate that special bond you have with sissy on National Sister’s Day. READ MORE >>

If you’re currently looking for yet another adventure in your life, you should head your gears towards Tulsa any minute by now. Definitely, Tulsa offers a lot of exciting activities for you to delight in. In case you don’t know, Tulsa is Oklahoma’s second largest city. READ MORE >>

Tulsa - a beautiful city amid Oklahoma's rolling plains, harbors one of the most vivid collection of food in the region. It is not a matter of doubt - that Tulsa's great treasures, consisting of ambrosial food and drink will take your taste buds to the next level of delight. READ MORE >>

Moving from one place to another can be really tiring and frustrating and in the midst of all this, you make mistakes that you regret later. Registering your vehicle with the new state is an important task which mostly gets dropped to the end of your TO-DO list after moving. READ MORE >>

There are more than 2 million registered vehicles in Dallas County. With more than 200,000 residents, Irving contributes its fair share of drivers to this mix. When you take to the roads in Irving, what can you do to prevent costly incidents? The safer you handle your vehicle, the less risky you are as a driver. READ MORE >>

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